First and foremost, my deepest thank to our Allah God almighty for another year of GSDA meeting, after a long journey we had during COVID19 pandemic though not completely ended but we are almost there; The mobility now is no longer limited we are able to move one place to another. The best gift we ever received from Allah we are staying safe and healthy.

Secondly, my sincerest thanks to our beloved members and staff of GSDA for their efforts and contributions. Distance doesn’t matter wherever we are, we stay connected. Our minds set as one to achieve the goal of our organization for the success and improvement in the field of Dentistry and the promotion of oral health care.

I am welcoming you all to the 20th Annual Global Scientific Dental Alliance (GSDA). I am a strong believer that this year everyone has something in mind to share and suggestions in order to continue the improvement in dental education and oral health care promotion especially in the community.

My high appreciation to the executive chairman Dr. Abdulsalam Al Madani and his team for the excellent efforts they did to make AEEDC Dubai much bigger at all levels.

Thanks for all of you and wish everyone safety

Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery
Scientific Chairman, Global Scientific Dental Alliance
Professor and Consultant, Restorative Dentistry
Chairman Trustees Board, Riyadh Elm University
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



The Global Scientific Dental Alliance- GSDA was established in 2003 as an initiative issued by the UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai, to promote Oral Health Education through cultivating dialogue, networking, and global interaction.

The GSDA Meeting is now one of the very significant international dental forums in the world, as a non-political and non-for-profit gathering of organizations and individuals committed to the promotion of oral healthcare, we are delighted to be united by 272 representative members, executive board members, advisory board members, academicians, distinguished colleagues and partners from 40 countries around the world, ready to indulge in meaningful dialogue and expound on the latest developments in dental medicine. It is always fascinating to witness our minds intertwine to support the advancement of the profession and create solid alliances within the global dental community.

We are confident that you will appreciate everyone’s common interest to increase the capability of dental health and education. Our aim is not only to deliver the best possible blend of knowledge and information amongst ourselves but also to leave a lasting impression in the minds of generations to come.

Our deepest appreciation to all who are contributing and attending, and we look forward to sharing this experience together.

Amb. Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani
Executive Chairman
AEEDC Dubai and the Global Scientific Dental Alliance