GSDA Members

GSDA Members


A T Still University – Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, USA

ABO – Brazilian Dental Association

Academy De Formation Odontologique, Morocco

Academy of Dentistry International

ADF – Association Dentaire Francaise

African Regional Organization of the FDI World Dental Federation

Ahlulbait University / College of Dentistry

AIO, Italian Dental Association

Al-Bayan University

Al-Esraa University College

Al-Farabi Collective College

Al Farahidi University

Algerian Dental Association

Al-Hadbaa University College

Al-Hadi University College / Dental Department

Alhikma College University

Alkitab University

Al-Kunooze University College

AlNoor University College

Al-Safwa University College

Al Salam University College

Al-Quds University

Al Yarmok University College

American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons – ACOMS

American Dental Association

Amicale Marocaine D’Implantologie Et D’esthetique Dentaire – AMIED (Moroccan Association of Implantology and Dental Aesthetics Association)

Anbar University / Faculty of Dentistry

Antonine University, Lebanon

Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime, Egypt

Arab Dental Federation

Armenian Dental Association

Ashur University College

Asia Pacific Dental Federation (APDF)

Association Des Dentistes Mauritaniens (Association of Mauritanian Dentists)

Association Marocaine de Prevention Bucco- Dentaire (AMPBD), Morocco

Association Tunisienne de Recherche et d’Etudes en Orthodontie – ATREO (Tunisian Association for Research and Studies in Orthodontics)


Bahrain Dental Society

Brazilian Association of Dental Surgeons


College of Dentistry / Babylon University

College of Dentistry / Islamic University of Najaf

College of Dentistry / Kerbala University

College of Dentistry / Kirkuk Univeristy

College of Dentistry – Riyadh Elm University

College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad

College of Dentistry / University of Sulaimani

Conseil National De Ordre Des Medecins Dentistes Algerien

Conselho Federal de Odontologia, Brazil

Council of Dentist of Morocco (Ordre National Des Medecins Dentistes au Maroc – O.N.M.D.)


Deanship of Dentists in Algeria

Delhi Dental Council, India

Dental Arirang, DNN Corporation, South Korea

Dental Health Newspaper, Pakistan

Dental News, Pakistan

Dental News Publishing, Lebanon

Dental Trade Alliance

Dental TV Web

Dentistry College – University of Mosul

Digital Dentistry Society

Dillenberg & Friends Health Services Consulting

DLS Bahrain International Dental Congress

Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan

Dubai Dental Centre-Dubai Health Authority


Egyptian Clinical Dental Society

Egyptian Dental Association

Egyptian Dental Syndicate

Egyptian Pediatric Dentistry Association EPDA

Egyptian Society for Pediatric Dentistry and Children with Special Needs

Elrazi University, Sudan

Emirates Health Services, UAE

Emirates Medical Association – Dental Society

Ethiopian Dental Association


Faculty of Dentistry, Assuit University, Egypt

Faculty of Dentistry, British University In Egypt

Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Pakistan

FDILA- Federacion Dental Ibero Latino Americana

Fundación Salud Oral / Oral Health Foundation of Guatemala


General Dental Practitioners Association of Sri Lanka

Global Summits Institute, LLC

Greater New York Dental Meeting


Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Hamdan Bin Mohamed College of Dental Medicine – Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine & Health Sciences, UAE

Hassan II University of Casablanca – Faculty of Dentistry, Morocco

Hungarian Dental Association


IBN Sina Dental College, Saudi Arabia

IBN Sina National College for Medical Studies, Saudi Arabia

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, College of Dentistry

Indian Dental Association

International Association for Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research (IADR) – Africa and Middle East

International Association for Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research (IADR) – Saudi Division

International Association for Orthodontics, Australia

International College of Dentists Section XV- ICDXV

International Olympic Committee Medical Commission

International Quintessense Publishing Group

Iranian Dental Association

Iraqi Dental Association


Kenya Dental Association

King Abdulaziz University Dental Hospital – KAUDH, Saudi Arabia

King Abdulaziz University – Faculty of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia

King Khalid University, College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia

King Salman Center for Children Health, Saudi Arabia

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Korean Dental Industry Association

Kurdistan Dental Association

Kuwait Dental Association


Lebanese Dental Association

Lebanese University, School of Dentistry

Lebanese Society of Prosthodontics

Lebanon Dental Association – Tripoli

Liberty Dental Clinic, Dubai, UAE

Libyan Dental Association

Libyan International Medical University – Faculty of Dentistry


Makkah International Dental Conference

Military Medical Academy, Egypt

Ministry of Health and Prevention, Dental and Oral Health Department – United Arab Emirates (MOHAP)

Ministry of Health – Dental & Oral Health Department – Kuwait

Ministry of Health – Dental & Oral Health Services Kingdom of Bahrain

Ministry of Health – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Health –Sultanate of Oman

Ministry of Republic Health and Population – National Oral Health Program – Yemen

Mustansiriyah University College Dentistry


National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)

National University for Science and Technology

New York University


Official National Dental Association, Tunisia

Oman Dental Society

Oman International Dental Conference

Omani Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OSOMS)

Oman Medical Association


Pakistan Dental Association

Palestinian Dental Association

Portuguese Dental Association

Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University

Princess Nourah University, Dental College


Qatar Dental Society


Riyadh Elm Association, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Elm University, Saudi Arabia


Rwanda Dental Surgeons Association


Saint Joseph University – School of Dental Medicine

Saudi Dental Education Society

Saudi Dental Society

Saudi Journal of Oral Sciences (SJOS)

Saudi Orthodontic Society

Saudi Society of Restorative Dentistry

School of Dentistry – AIN Shams University

Seoul Dental Association

SIED – Italian Esthetic Dental Society

SMDT syndicat des médecins dentistes de tunisie (Dental Syndicate of Tunisia)

Société Mauritanienne Des Sciences Odontologiques

Sofia Dental Meeting, Bulgaria

Sri Lanka Dental Association

Sudanese Dental Association

Sudanese Dentists Union

Supreme Council of Health – Qatar

Syndical National Des Medecins Dentistes De Mauritanie (Mauritanian Dental Association)


Taibah University, College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia

Tawassol Dentists Group, Morocco

Tikrit University / College of Dentistry

Tishk International University

The Executive Board – Health Ministers’ Council for Cooperation Council State

Tunisian Association for Dental Research of Implantology

Tunisian Dental Syndicate For Private Sector

Turath College University

Turkish Dental Association


UCL Eastman Dental Institute


Umm Al – Qura University – Faculty of Dentistry

Universitat Jaume I / Jaume I University

Universita Vita Salute San Raffaelle Milano (Vita Salute San Raffaelle University of Milan)

Universite Mohammed V Rabat, Morocco

University of AlKafeel / College of Dentistry

University of Al-Qadisiyah

University of Basrah / College of Dentistry

University of Hail – College of Dentistry

University of Thi Qar

University Tunku Abdul Rahman

Uruk University, College of Dentistry


VDDI – Federation of the German Dental Industry