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Lawyer Norman Siegal, former director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said he’ll be filing papers in court for Hickox to have a hearing no later than five days from the start of her confinement.

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The Syrian Kurds said weapons airdropped to them by the U.S. air force last week were not enough to defeat Islamic State. U.S. officials had described those weapons, which were supplied by the Iraqi Kurdish authorities, as "small arms".

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With the initial public offering (IPO) market thestrongest it’s been since 2007, according to data provided by Thomson Reuters,and e-commerce giant Alibaba’s record-setting IPO still attracting attention, many average investors are picking up on thesenew-to-market, buzzworthy securities and wondering if they can (and should)get into the action.

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Buss, who also is Phil Jackson's longtime girlfriend, was reacting to an ESPN The Magazine story from earlier this week that quoted a source "close to Lakers decision makers" saying the five-time NBA champ is sabotaging his own team.

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Iraq, like Syria, was a consequence of World War One and of the infamous, in Arab eyes, agreement between Sir Mark Sykes and Francois-Georges Picot which led to the division of the former Ottoman Turkish domains by the two leading European powers, Britain and France. That agreement, now almost a century old, appears in tatters, as both countries are broken, exhausted by years of war and sectarian division for which there is no easy repair.

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Euro zone banks, especially in crisis-stricken countries, have tightened their purse strings in response to tougher capital requirements and the health check of the sector, while companies have held off investments, unsure of the future.

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Rousseff and Neves fought bitterly to convince voters that they can deliver on both growth and social advances. This year's campaign is widely considered the most acrimonious since Brazil's return to democracy in 1985, a battle between the only two parties to have held the presidency since 1995.

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Through the ugly slumps of June and September, San Francisco has found its groove with the gloves. The Giants are making the spectacular plays and the routine ones, something their opponents have struggled to do this postseason.

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With Ware now on the opposite side of Von Miller, it was almost a guarantee for one of the two to have a great season as you can’t double team both. Miller leads the NFL in sacks with 9, and Ware is tied with five others for second at 7 sacks.

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Mr Miliband has since changed the process for electing a UK party leader to one-member-one-vote, but the change has not been made in Scotland and any attempt to do so - which would have lessened the power of the unions - would have delayed the process of finding a replacement.

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"As promised opened your letter when we got here and just wanted to say Dad, you're the best Dad anyone could ever ask for," he wrote. "It's you that filled me confidence to have the ability to do all the things I have."

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That's what happened when Tennessee Titans rookie Zach Mettenberger posted a game day photo with the hashtag #sundayselfie to Twitter, drawing the attention of star Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.

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Fortunately, Allardyce has never listened to anybody except the voice in his own head, which for much of the last decade has been sounding a refrain along the lines of: “maybe just give Kevin Nolan another 10 minutes”.

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The Colts gave up 639 total yards and never led, though Luck kept repeatedly threatening to pull off a miracle akin to the 28-point rally he engineered against Kansas City in last year’s wild-card playoff. Indianapolis trailed 35-10 at one point, but had the ball and 95 yards ahead of it trailing 42-34 midway through the fourth quarter.