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China is the world's largest consumer of coal, its economy is still growing at over 7% and its power consumption is also growing, but crucially, it's growing more slowly and is going to feed high-tech manufacturing and the service sector rather than concrete and steel.

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For instance, the medical examiner reported that bullet wounds in Brown's body seem to indicate that his arms were not raised in a gesture of surrender. Gunpowder on his hands could show that he was reaching for Mr Wilson's weapon. A test of Brown's blood revealed he had consumed enough marijuana to possibly trigger hallucinations.

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“From a basketball standpoint, maybe it wouldn’t have been maybe the greatest thing to do. But for me personally, I couldn’t have felt right with myself knowing that I wanted to come here, I kind of forced my way to New York. And I have some unfinished business to take care of. I wouldn’t have felt right from a personal standpoint, just getting up and leaving like that."

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"We had a decent run-up ahead of the stress test results,but everyone was jumping on the bandwagon and ramping things upthis morning without any clear reason, given that the results ofthe stress test were in line with market expectations."

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Critically — and here de Blasio has better instincts than his predecessor — more emphasis needs to be placed on the outer boroughs. Even if Manhattan remains the prototypical luxury city, the rest of New York can be reinvented as a generator of middle-class jobs and opportunities.

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The guests arrive for lunch on Friday. Since they have travelled a long way they get my full welcoming routine. I zoom out carrying a shoe in lieu of a dead pheasant – my master shouts at me about this, but that is just part of the fun – then flip onto my back to give them an eyeful of my undercarriage, which always goes down well.

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Scientists at the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba, prepare an experimental Ebola vaccine for shipment to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva in this undated handout picture released October 18, 2014.

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The recent fall in inflation may help lift the spirits of households by making their budgets stretch further. But risks remain to the UK recovery more generally, with the Eurozone stalling, conflict in the Middle East and tensions over Ukraine. This could have an impact on consumer confidence and spending going forward.

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Including Friday's plunge, Amazon's stock is down by nearly a third since January. Investors had begun questioning Bezos' growing spending on perceived side-projects since his company missed second-quarter profit targets.


Rubies in the Rubble, which turns 'ugly' fruit and vegetables into preserves, will help hundreds of British farmers to cut down on waste produce through a contract with nationwide online grocer Ocado

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Gillespie said the Affordable Care Act “reduces job growth, patient choice and the quality of care” that needs to be repealed. Gillespie he would replace the law with “patient-centered, market-oriented reforms that would reduce costs, save a trillion dollars and mean six million more people with private health insurance than under Obamacare.”

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"I've seen it all," James said, illustrating how he's grown as a basketball player since leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers four years ago. "I've played in a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. I've won and I've lost. I know what to expect."

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The move would make Alaska only the second U.S. state, after Hawaii, to officially recognize indigenous languages, although English would remain the official language and the state would not be required to conduct business in any other tongue.

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Abe raised the sales tax to 8 percent from 5 percent in April, the first of a planned two-stage increase that is the boldest attempt in nearly two decades to curb public debt that is well over twice the size of the economy.

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Studying religious books for reasons of faith should require that the “student” is placed on medication. Adults speaking to imaginary beings are normally considered insane. Except when the imaginary beings are being called “god.”